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There are several ways to contact your elected officials (Council members) regarding matters of concern to you.  As a first point of contact, we suggest you reach out to staff responsible for the area of concern you may have.  They may be able to provide you with the information you are looking for and answer your questions.  If you are not sure who you should speak to, please call the Municipal Hall reception for assistance at 250-545-5304 or write to us at info@coldstream.ca.

By Email, Telephone or Mail

You can contact any council member directly by email or telephone. Addresses and phone numbers are provided under each photo.  Please click here to access email addresses and phone numbers. 

You may also contact members of Council by mail. Letters addressed to Mayor and Council must be received by 12:00 noon on the Wednesday before a regular council meeting in order to be included on the council agenda.  Letters received after the deadline will be included on the next regularly scheduled meeting agenda.  Staff will contact you upon receipt of your letter to indicate the meeting date you can expect your letter to be considered.

Council Meeting – Public Opportunity

Council meeting agendas are usually published on the Thursday afternoon before the Monday meeting. If you would like to speak to Council regarding an item you see listed on a Council meeting agenda, there is a standing item on each regular agenda called “Public Opportunity to Address Council”.  You will be welcome to provide information that you feel is important for Council members to hear as they deliberate on the matters before them.  Access published Council agendas here.

There are some restrictions as to what matters Council will allow comment on, so please be sure to check the current agenda.    Council reserves approximately 10 minutes to hear comments so we ask that you limit your comments to approximately 2 minutes or less so that everyone who is interested in speaking is given an opportunity to do so.  If you wish to speak, you will be asked to provide your name for the record and the agenda item you wish to speak to.  Your comments should be limited to additional information not previously provided to Council for their consideration or clarification. 

If you have questions regarding a particular item on an agenda, you may find it faster to have your questions addressed by contacting the author of the report or the staff member responsible for the matter in advance of the meeting. 

If you wish to address Council about matters not listed on a current agenda, please contact the Corporate Officer for assistance as you may be able to address Council as a Delegation.  Please read on for further information.


Council Meeting – Delegation

There may be times when an individual or a group would like to present information to Council that requires a bit more time.  In these instances you may be able to attend a council meeting as a Delegation.  Delegations are best suited to individuals and groups who wish to make a presentation or report to Council about an issue, activity or program.

An approved Delegation will be permitted 10 minutes to make their presentation.  Following a presentation, Council members may have questions or comments for the presenter. 

If you wish to attend as a delegation, please fill out the Delegation Request form and send it, along with any presentation material (video, PowerPoint, etc.), to the Corporate Officer or drop it off at the Municipal Hall.  Requests must be received by 12:00 noon on the Wednesday before the requested meeting date; however, this does not guarantee that your delegation will be accommodated on that meeting date so please keep in mind the following:

  • A limit of two (2) delegations per meeting is preferred; if your presentation is time sensitive, please plan well in advance of the available meeting dates.
  • Decisions on requests will be deferred to the next meeting of Council following a presentation; please keep this in mind if you have time sensitive requests.
  • Presentation materials, if you are intending to use them, should accompany your delegation request so they can be included in the Council agenda package for publishing and distribution, but MUST be received no later than 12:00 noon on the Wednesday prior to the meeting.
  • Your request may not be able to be accommodated if the subject matter is restricted* (see note below)

*Please Note:  There are some restrictions with respect to Delegations; see the Coldstream Council Procedure Bylaw, section 35, for more information.


Petitions to Council

Residents are able to submit informal petitions to council to bring attention to matters of interest in the community. These types of petitions are considered 'informational' and are not the same as formal petitions to establish municipal local area services or loan authorization bylaws which have specific legislative requirements.

In accordance with the Community Charter and the Coldstream Council Procedure Bylaw, a petition is deemed to be received by Council when it is filed with the Corporate Officer.  A petition must include the full name and residential address of each petitioner.  For a sample of how you might set up a petition, use this link.

When a petition is filed with the Corporate Officer, a report to Council is prepared that includes the request of the petitioner. The petition itself may be included as an attachment to a staff report and subsequently published on-line.  Although there is no requirement for a local government to take action if a petition is received, informal petitions can be a useful tool to bring a local matter to council’s attention. If you have questions about petitions, please contact the Corporate Officer.


Public Hearings

Public hearings allow affected citizens to provide their views to their elected officials regarding the adoption of official community plan bylaws, zoning bylaws, phased development agreement bylaws, and bylaws for the early termination of land use contracts.  For more information on public hearings and speaking at them or submitting comments, please click here.


Council and Committee Meetings

Regular council meetings are scheduled on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month and Committee of the Whole meetings are scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.  A current meeting schedule is available here

Generally, council and committee meetings are open to the public.  Closed meetings (in camera) are scheduled to discuss matters that are typically related to land transactions, litigation, labour relations, and law enforcement to name a few.  The Community Charter provides specific categories for matters that can be discussed at a closed meeting and how a meeting is to be closed.

When you are speaking at a meeting all comments and questions should be directed to the Mayor as the Chair of the meeting. The Mayor is addressed as “Mayor Garlick” or “Your Worship”. 

It is expected that speakers and members of the gallery will conduct themselves appropriately.  In accordance with the Community Charter and the Coldstream Council Procedure Bylaw, if the Mayor or the Chair of a meeting considers that another person at the meeting is acting improperly, the Mayor or Chair may order that person expelled from the meeting.

Committee meetings generally do not allow for public input unless Council or the Committee has invited a speaker.  Public input is received at Council meetings or at public hearings.  Following the approval of the agenda, there are a variety of opportunities to provide input at a Council meeting. Below you will find a general summary of each opportunity:


Delegations and Petitions (Section 2 of the Agenda)

  • Only scheduled speakers are permitted to address Council
  • Presentations must be no more than 10 minutes total
  • Two delegations per meeting are preferred so please plan well in advance to secure your preferred council meeting date


Land Applications (Section 3 of the Agenda)

  • The Director of Development Services will introduce the application
  • The Applicant will have an opportunity to comment or answer questions of Council
  • Those in attendance who wish to speak to the application will be invited to speak, you will be asked to provide your name for the record


Public Opportunity to Address Council (Section 4 of the Agenda)

  • Council reserves approximately 10 minutes in total to hear public comments
  • A member of the public will be permitted to speak to any matter listed on the agenda in sections 5 through 10
  • As exceptions:
    • Council may not hear comments regarding a bylaw in section 5 that has been the subject of a public hearing that has since been closed
    • Council will not hear comments on matters that are not listed on the agenda in sections 5 through 10
  • Before speaking, you will be asked to provide your name for the record
  • Comments should be limited to new information not previously heard by council
  • Comments should be limited to 2 minutes in consideration of others who wish to speak



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